Monday, April 28, 2014

Mini Review: Pet Naturals of Vermont - Breath Bars

Pet Naturals of Vermont Breath Bars Dental Treats
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We received a free sample bag of Breath Bars by Pet Naturals of Vermont in the mail today. Since I don't have a blog, I will be posting a few pictures on here about what we thought about them :)

Pet Naturals of Vermont Breath Bars Dental Chews for Dogs

Jada was super excited to try the breath bars and Bailey was her usual self (haha). The ingredients look great and I love the touch of cinnamon which reminds me of yummy cinnamon toast. Mmmm.

Pet Naturals of Vermont Breath Bars Dental Treats for Dogs

Breath bars aren't bad to balance either! Lol. The bars are 3 inches long and the recommended feeding is one a day, 2 a day for over 50 lbs. I was able to divide one into 4 pieces to use as a training reward as well.

Pet Naturals of Vermont Breath Bars Dog Dental Chews

I gave them both a bar and Bailey took it to her usual place on the stairs and Jada ate it in like 3 seconds..!! It took Bailey forever but they both chew at different speeds.

In conclusion, we all really like the Breath Bars from Pets Naturals by Vermont. This would be in the same class of durability/longevity as Minties and Greenies if you are looking at that like when you have a heavy chewer like Jada here lol. Ingredients look high quality, smells good, it is a good size for dogs up to maybe 25 lbs to handle in their paws. You can break it up for smaller dogs. Good stuff! :)

Sadly, Breath Bars aren't available anymore, but Pet Naturals of Vermont has many other products available. Check them out on Amazon.