Friday, November 18, 2016

The Chesnut Mutts' 2nd Blogiversary Giveaway!

The Chesnut Mutts' 2nd Blogiversary Giveaway!

["The Chesnut Mutts" were compensated in exchange for running this giveaway. All opinions are genuinely mine and we would not share products that we did not fully believe in. Please do not use any image without permission. This post also contains affiliate links.]

Wow guys, 2 years! We have been doing this for so long you think I would have it down pat, right? Haha well, in reality, I am always learning. As we look back to some of our favorite product reviews, I want to say that when I started The Chesnut Mutts it was partly because I was out of school and work because of migraines and now I am back in the workforce, volunteering for a local animal rescue, doing The Chesnut Mutts, and also my other blog Healing Whiskers. I have a lot of hats and migraines are still in my life but they are not a huge factor anymore.

I am so thankful for that and I am SUPER thankful for all of you! Your comments and such keep me going, and I know it has been slow this past month, but we are still here ;).

Now let's look at our Blogiversary prizes, shall we? We have 13 amazing brands who are giving away prizes which all total up to just over $750! WOW! Feel free to enter as many or as little as you'd like - If you win one, you can still win more!

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