Friday, May 2, 2014

Mini Review: My Kool Dog - K9 Cooler Bowl

My Kool Dog K9 Cooler Bowl Review
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We received the K9 Cooler Bowl in the mail from a giveaway yesterday and we thought we would share some info/do a mini review of it!

My Kool Dog K9 Cooler Bowl water bowl

The K9 Cooler Bowl is great for those hot days out with your dog! The directions state that you fill up the top with water, place ice cubes in the bottom compartment, and then after your dog has drunk all the water, turn it upside down and it refills with the melted ice water!

My Kool Dog K9 Cooler Bowl for Dogs

Upside down K9 Cooler with ice cubes added. It came with a top and a carrying strap that is pictured behind

Bailey with the My Kool Dog K9 Cooler Bowl

Bailey likes! 

It kinda fools the eye about how deep it is because the container is sectioned into two halves - one for the ice, the other for water, so if you have a big water drinker you will be refilling it a lot.

Jada with the My Kool Dog K9 Cooler Bowl

Jada approves too!

Overall, I think the K9 Cooler Bowl is really nifty and cool (ha)

I can see this being used at a party where dogs are running loose and having a good time. I'm going to use this when I get back to walking with the girls. Jada pretty much stayed at the water bowl the whole time! 

There is a lot of potential is this cool product! (BTW, on the box it says you can fill up the ice cube container with water and put it in the freezer instead which is fabulous!)

Sadly, the K9 Cooler Bowl is no longer available. You can find similar products on Amazon.