Thursday, October 18, 2018

Trick or Treat Giveaway Blog Hop: Learn How to Balance Items on Your Dog's Head

Trick or Treat Giveaway Blog Hop: Learn How to Balance Items on Your Dog's Head

[This giveaway is sponsored by KONG, Wellness Pet Food, Petcurean, Only Natural Pet, DOGTV, Caru Pet Food, Treatibles, Noah's Bark Dog Treats, West Paw, and P.L.A.Y.]

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I hope everyone is having a great October thus far! We've decided to partner up with some fellow pet bloggers to give you a chance to win some awesome prizes while also learning some new tricks to teach your pup!

Be sure to visit all the blogs to increase your chances and to see different tricks being taught! Also, keep an eye on social media pages for flash giveaways that only last 24 hours!

Without further ado, let's learn how to do Jada's most famous trick: balancing items. I have a nifty video below that will help supplement the written instructions!

How to Balance Items on Your Dog's Head

Step 1: Ignoring food near the face

  • Start off with "Sit" and use your preferred training treats.
  • Reward when they look away from the treat - you can use a release word or clicker before you treat.
  • Get slowly closer to your dog's face and wait longer to reward them.
  • You will want to get as close to their face as possible - even touching the treat to their fur.

Jada ignoring treats near her face

Step 2: Adding a biscuit

  • Once you have this down, let's get a biscuit-like treat that has a little bit of weight to it that can fit on your dog's nose.
  • Repeat step 1 with the biscuit, then begin to touch the biscuit to your dog's nose for a second or less at a time.
  • Reward with the biscuit or a high-value treat (preferred).
  • Increase the interval between putting the biscuit on your dog's nose and giving your release word or clicker.
  • As your dog gets more comfortable, I like to use one hand to hold the treat and the other to help position the dog's head. Jada tends to slowly move her head while she waits so this has been helpful.

Jada getting used to treats being near her face

Step 3: Adding auditory and visual cues

  • When things start to go pretty well, I like to incorporate a word for the trick. I wasn't too creative with this, so I use the word "wait". Some other ideas would be "steady" or "balance".
  • For a visual cue, I like to gently do a stop signal towards my dog, but feel free to use what works for you.
  • As you continue working on it, and your dog learns that treats on the head = stay still, you will be able to use auditory and visual cues less frequently.

Jada balancing a biscuit while Abby tells her to wait

Step 4: Stack 'em up

  • When balancing one biscuit is mastered, add more!
  • You can also add other shaped treats as well. Smaller treats can be more difficult since it is harder for the dog to feel the weight of them.
  • For big stacks of treats, it helps to have them ready and in a stack already before you start placing them on your dog's head.

Jada balancing multiple dog biscuits

Jada balancing multiple dog jerky treats

Step 5: Non-Edible Items

  • The hard part is done. Your dog knows that balancing things can get them treats and praise. So now we can balance things that don't smell like food!

Jada balancing a poop emoji

Just like humans, taking breaks is important. Keep training sessions short and exciting.
Don't give up and have fun!


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