Dogs of PAWS

What we do

Here at The Chesnut Mutts, we deeply care about the animals of our community and volunteer our time to take photos of the dogs once a week at our local animal control, PAWS of Rome, Georgia. I do this with the Ginny Milner Rescue, and many other rescues who pull most of these dogs and transports them to rescues across the country. With our help, the euthanasia rate is a very low 4% with that being extremely sick or aggressive animals.

Want to help?

Feel free to share photos from our Facebook photo album which is updated every visit. If you would like to sponsor, foster, or rescue a dog, feel free to contact Ronda Woman at her email,, or by phone (704) 288-7272. If you want to come by and look at a dog, PAWS is located at 99 North Avenue Northeast in Rome, Georgia and their number is (706) 236-4537.

Here are dogs who have been photographed and rescued/adopted...

And the dogs who we were not able to save...

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