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Review: Be Fashionable & Eco-Friendly with Chews Happiness™ Dog Collars & Leashes

Be Fashionable & Eco-Friendly with Chews Happiness™ Dog Collars & Leashes

The Chesnut Mutts were compensated in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are genuinely mine and we would not share a product that we did not fully believe in. Please do not use any image without permission.

Want to help the environment by spiffing up your pet in luxurious threads? People will turn their heads when they get a load of what your dog is wearing and just wait until they hear the story behind it! Introducing, Chews Happiness™!

Chews Happiness Logo

We met Tavor White (Mr. T) and Meeta Gawande of Chews Happiness back in BarkWorld 2015. The two visited Bhutan in the Himalayas and were inspired by the country's way of measuring their worth: Gross National Happiness. Instead of just focusing on how much money Bhutan is making, they also put into account the happiness and health of their people and animals and the effect they have on the environment. Pretty cool, huh?

Chews Happiness' Happiness Cycle
Chew Happiness' Happiness Cycle

So after coming home, getting married, and added a puppy named Bouncer to the family, they had a hard time finding pet products that they felt good about using. We have all been there, am I right? Chews Happiness was created and they began to make handcrafted yak down apparel for humans, pets, and in the future, yak milk chews! We were given one of their leash and collar sets to review. Let's take a look...

Bjadim Collar & Leash

Chews Happiness Bjadim Dog Leash

Right off the bat, I noticed the thickness of the collar and leash. The tight thick weave of the fabric gives a very durable feel. The hardware is very beautiful and the buckle clicks smoothly. I love that there is an extra D-ring near the leash handle. Anybody else clip poop bags or collapsible water bowls to their leash?

Chews Happiness Bjadim Dog Collar

Chews Happiness Bjadim Natural Dog Collar

So what makes these items special? These are handwoven with yak down from Bhutan. Yak down is the name given to the undercoat fibers that are shed from yaks in the spring. This fiber is really soft, durable, and anti-microbial (a.k.a. anti-stink!). The yak down is naturally shed and is ethically collected and renewable.

Helping the environment: check. Helping the locals of Bhutan? Yup! These are handwoven by women in Bhutan with looms used in traditional apparel. The designs are actually inspired after the kera which is the sash that is tied around a man or woman's waist. Pretty neat!

Chews Happiness Bjadim Leash & Collar for Dogs

So how did the collar and leash stand up to normal wear and tear? We exclusively used both for around a month and I gotta say I am impressed. Compared to nylon collars, and even a hemp collar we regularly use, this one can be worn a lot longer since it doesn't stink.

Chews Happiness Bjadim Handwoven Dog Leash & Collar

We did get down and dirty and went to the lake to test it out completely. The lake is nasty and what I did was have Jada on a really long lead (15 ft) and Bailey with her Bjadim leash looped around it. This made it so that it dangled a bit in the lake water and dirt as we walked. After out trip I gave the leash a good whiff and it had a smell, but not a bad smell. Reminded me of my grandma's house with the smell of aging fabric. Maybe this is what a wet yak smells like? Not sure, but I'm not complaining.

As it dried, the smell faded and you could never even tell the leash went through all the muck! When it comes to the hardware, there are some scratches to the buckle and it looks like some of the finish is coming off on the part that clicks. If your leash or collar does need some cleaning you can put it through the washing machine and let it air dry.

Chews Happiness Bjadim Yak Down Dog Leash & Collar
Fezzik walking Bailey

In a Nutshell...

  • Chews Happiness™ is inspired by the country of Bhutan which is located in the Himalayas
  • They have dog collars, leashes, and sweaters which are hand-woven with yak down by women in Bhutan
  • Yak down is a renewable resource which is collected cruelty-free in the spring when it is shed naturally
  • The patterns woven into the collars and leashes are inspired by Bhutan apparel. There are a couple other patterns besides the one featured
  • You can learn more about Chews Happiness over on their website

Overall, I am really impressed with Chews Happiness' leash and collar. The fabric used is unique, soft, and surprisingly durable. The two aspects I like most are the anti-stink properties and the overall feel. The leash is very thick but very comfortable. Also, these products work well if you are worried about what kind of fabrics are rubbing against your dog's skin 24/7. With all the work that goes into these items they aren't cheap, but if you are looking for quality with style look no further!

Chews Happiness Bjadim Durable Dog Leash & Collar

When choosing a product, how much does the brand's environmental impact affect your purchase?
Let us know in the comments below!

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