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Mini Review: Jada and Bailey's Embark DNA Test Results


Mini Review: Jada and Bailey's Embark Test Results

The Chesnut Mutts were not paid for this review. All opinions are genuinely mine and we would not share a product that we did not fully believe in. Please do not use any image without permission. Post also contains affiliate links.

Way back in 2015, we had a Wisdom Panel DNA test done on Jada and Bailey and the results were eye-opening. And then in 2018, we had Fezzik's DNA tested with Embark, and not just the results, but the amount of information they give you blew my mind! Ever since then I've wanted to get the girls' DNA tested again with them. Lo and behold, Santa Johnny granted my wish this Christmas and I have been excited ever since!

Jada excited about the Embark Dog DNA Test

This post isn't sponsored, but I am an affiliate which means I can make a teeny tiny commission on any sales through links to their website and I like to share their deals and coupons. Whenever I meet another pet owner with a mixed breed and they say, "I wish I knew what breed they were!" I ALWAYS recommend Embark. Let me bring up my favorite features...

  • ...have a massive collection of breeds in their database. 
  • ...look for a bunch of genetic health issues
  • you relatives of your dog
  • ...update your results if new data becomes available

There are more benefits but these are my favorites! For both of the girls' tests, it took a little less than a month to come back even during the busy holiday season. 

Let's cut to the chase! Here are the results for Jada...

Embark Dog DNA test

Embark Dog DNA test

This is actually super similar to the Wisdom Panel results if you compare them. For some reason though with those results, it wasn't really obvious to me that she was almost half Boston Terrier. And actually, Embark shows more Boston Terrier than the previous test. From what I know about Jada's parents is that her mom was a Yorkie and her dad was a neighbor's dog that somehow got in the yard. So Yorkie mom and Boston Terrier mix dad! Supermutt is teeny tiny traces of breeds that are found in the mixed-breed heritage and for Jada Embark possibly found a bit of Mini Poodle, Pekingese, and Pug. Wisdom Panel had a similar thing but there are no common breeds. Interesting stuff. Now for Bailey!

Embark Dog DNA test

Embark Dog DNA test

Mountain Cur?! Haha! That threw me for a loop! It looks like Bailey has some purebred in her, but the other half is a bit all over the place. Interestingly, on the Wisdom Panel test, the Pekingese was on the other side of the family tree and instead of Mountain Cur it was Springer Spaniel. So looking at both there is obviously a large working dog in her lineage which is super interesting. Embark has more breeds to compare the DNA to so perhaps Wisdom Panel was almost there but not quite. The Toy Fox Terrier Mix and the Rat Terrier were pleasant surprises!

All in all I was super stoaked about the results and I'm excited to have a Borkie-mutt and a Peking-huahua-mountain-fox-rat-tzu! I HIGHLY recommend for everyone to DNA test their dog not just to find genetic health issues, but just to understand their dog more and plus it's a whole lot of fun!

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  1. interesting. i have purebreed show dogs, so i wonder now. i know with most breeders, they do research as to whom to breed their dogs with. a very complicated system, they go thru many yrs of bloodlines. i dont see Boston Terrier at all in Jada. i cant believe a big dog as the Mountain Cur could be related to Bailey.

  2. Boston Terrier, I wouldn't have guessed that! Now I can see it in the round eyes. I also find a large breed unlikely.