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Review: Spot Farms Jerky Treats

The Chesnut Mutts Spot Farms Jerky Review

["The Chesnut Mutts" were not paid for this review. The product was given to us via a giveaway. All opinion are genuinely mine and we would not share a product that we did not fully believe in. Please do not use any images without permission. This post also contains affiliate links.]

Hey guys! Today I am going to review another treat that has been gaining popularity in the pet treat industry, Spot Farms! We won a giveaway from See Mom Click for a big ol' bag of these beauties and I thought I would share mine (and most importantly, Jada and the other Chesnut Mutts') opinion on them. We are also participating in a blog hop for Tasty Tuesday!

Jada next to the spot farms bag

chicken is from kentucky
Jada showing me where the bag opening is while I try to take a look

What is really neat about Spot Farms treats is that they show you where the meat is from. Looking at their website, I see that their chicken is from Kentucky and their turkey from Indiana. I am pretty surprised that there is not a beef option since it seems that all treats have a beef recipe, but maybe they will make one in the future since they are just starting out.

all natural, human grade chicken jerky with taurine, turmeric and flaxseed

Love that it is human grade and all natural! Dog treats just keep getting better and better! Spot Farms has different variations of their chicken jerky: Heart Health, Flaxseed & Vitamin E, Hip + Joint, and Skin + Coat. Besides these, they also have a couple more different types of treats. I like that Spot Farms has these different variations. I think it is a good idea because we also look at food that way, especially after New Years!  (Let's just say that weight control oatmeal isn't all that great!)

human-grade dog treats
Jada pointing out all the specs

We learn about Bobby and Cindy on the back of the bag, who are family farmers that provide chickens for Spot Farms. I love that we are getting back to homegrown treats and food. It is what our babies deserved all along!

spot farms chicken jerky ingredients

The ingredients are great, very limited and healthy with no corn or soy! Jada is very appreciative of the limited ingredients because of her many food allergies. One thing I found interesting is that Arthur Pet Products distributes both Spot Farms treats and Full Moon treats. I don't know their relationship fully, but they are definitely related!

Update: I met with both brands at BlogPaws 2015 and they informed me that Full Moon is their retail store line, while Spot Farms is their specialty pet store line. Besides the different places in which they are sold, they also have different types of treats for each!

Jada waiting for her jerky
So Jada, what's the verdict?
Jada eating her heart healthy jerky treat

Jada loves her jerky
Nice and crunchy!
These treats have the same shape and texture as the Full Moon ones, I am guessing they use the same, or similar presses to make them. Jada doesn't mind as long as it gets in her mouth!

lots of jerky pieces
-slobber intensifies- 

This 12 oz bag is going to last a good while! The great thing about these treats is that I can snap them into smaller pieces if I want to reward for a trick, or I can give them a whole piece if I am feeling exceptionally generous. It seems like they only come in 12 or 12.5 oz bags, which is great for big dogs, but I think if you have a small dog this is a bit much and will last forever. Spot Farms treats can be found on Amazon, Wag. com and Petco.

Dibble and Bailey waiting for a piece of Spot Farms Jerky
Dibble and Bailey get in on the tasty action
Dibble eating jerky
Dottie begging for Spot Farms
Dottie says, "Will work for treats!"
In a nutshell...
  • Spot Farms Heart Health Chicken Jerky is human-grade, USA made, all-natural
  • No corn, or animal by-products
  • Limited ingredients, antibiotic-free chicken
  • 5 variations of the chicken jerky
  • Shows where the meat comes from right on the package
  • Sold at Petco, Wag.com, and also in our Amazon store here
  • A little less than $20 for a big bag. 
  • With the quality and quantity that you get, $20 seems like a fair price.

You can learn more about Spot Farms Treats here!

Jada balancing Spot Farms jerky
Jada got jealous of the attention drifting away from her, so she decided to become a circus seal

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