Thursday, January 8, 2015

Review: Stewart Pro-Treat Freeze Dried Dog Treats

The Chesnut Mutts Stewart Pro-Treat Freeze Dried Dog Treat Review

["The Chesnut Mutts" were given products to test in return for an honest review. All opinion are genuinely mine and we would not share a product that we did not fully believe in. Please do not use any images without permission. This post also contains affiliate links.]

I was so happy to be contacted by MiracleCorp to try out some of their products! Our first product is their famous freeze dried liver treats! I decided to go with the bison liver since we have never tried bison before!

These guys are 100% pure liver, made in the USA, and are only 1 ingredient!

one ingredient Bison Liver

Jada loves that USA, and especially that it is 1 ingredient because of her allergies. What is also really cool is that there are no preservatives! Jada could smell the yumminess from outside of the tub!

All Proteins USA Made in USA

Jada could not contain herself when I opened the tub! Haha! She really wanted to try them out!

Jada trying to get into the liver treats

These treats come in various sizes, some of them are easy to break into smaller pieces, depending on the shape. I like the natural feel of these - I picked up one and it looked like a liver cross-section on a slide! The smell isn't bad either, these are our first liver treats and I have heard that liver has a unique smell. 

freeze-dried liver

You can tell by Jada's face that she was very eager to eat these liver bits! 

Jada balancing a freeze-dried liver cube
"Hey! Look what I can do, mama!"

Bailey sniffing the dog treatBailey eating her Stewart Pro-Treat

Bailey came around, and you know if Bailey stops by, there is some tasty treats around! I think these treats just kind of melt in the mouth as it doesn't take many chews to gulp it down. This is great for training!

Jada wants her dog treat
"Stop taking pictures, and give it to me now momma!"
Jada and her freeze dried dog treat
"Smells so good!"

The Pro-Treat Freeze Dried Treats come in many different flavors: pork, chicken, turkey, beef, bison, duck, and lamb. You can find these treats at Petsmart, Petco, Amazon, and other local pet stores. They range from $8 for the 3-4 oz and go up to bigger tubs depending on the type of liver.

In a nutshell...

  • Stewart Bison Liver Pro-Treats are made in the USA, 100% pure liver, 1 ingredient, no preservatives.
  • The liver is cut into differing sizes, some are easy to break into smaller bits, but some will not break
  • Easy and quick for dogs to chew. Great for training.
  • $8 for the smallest tub. Comes in bigger sizes.
  • Can be bought in our Amazon store here

In general, I think that the quality of the treat is worth the price. I will be using these for training treats as well as incentive for paying attention during photo shoots, lol.

Check out more about Stewart Pro-Treat Freeze Dried Dog Treats here!
You can also get a $1 off coupon!

Jada balancing Bison liver
Jada showing off with 7 pieces of bison liver!