Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Review: Hamilton Reflective Dog Leash

Hamilton Reflective Dog Leash. The Chesnut Mutts Review

["The Chesnut Mutts" were given a leash to test in return for an honest review via Tomoson. All opinions are genuinely mine and we would not share a product that we did not fully believe in. Please do not use any image without permission. This post also contains affiliate links.]

Having the right leash is very important for us dog owners! There are so many different types to choose from ranging from different thicknesses, lengths, fabrics, and various other additional features. 

I had the opportunity to test out the Hamilton Reflective Dog Leash! I love reflective dog accessories, and I believe that everyone should have some sort of reflective or lighted gear if they go out with their dogs in the dark. The decision to put reflective gear on your pet could be the difference between life or death.

A picture showing the nylon detail of the leash

When I first examined the leash I was impressed by the thickness of the nylon and how durable the hardware seemed to be. One main feature about this leash is the reflective threading. I like that it is actually in the fabric because that makes it more durable and it won't get worn down as easily like some other reflective dog gear.

the hamilton reflective dog leash shown in regular light
leash in regular light
the hamilton reflective dog leash shown with the flash on
leash with flash on
Jada, Bailey, Johnny and I went out to our local park for a walk and to test out the leash's durability!

The leash is a bit big and heavy for Jada, but it will easily suit a larger dog. It felt good in the hand, even with Jada's pulling! Also, you can't deny that it a well made and beautiful leash!

Johnny walking Jada with the reflective dog leash

In a nutshell...

  • The Hamilton Reflective Dog Leash has nice durable nylon with a swivel snap
  • Highly reflective threading that is woven into the leash
  • Comes in multiple colors: brown, green, red, and gray
  • Many different sizes to accommodate every breed
  • Price range is $8-$17 from the smallest lead to the largest
  • Can be bought from local pet stores that carry the Hamilton brand as well as Amazon.
I really liked the quality of the leash and I continue to be impressed by the Hamilton brand! I would recommend them to all pet owners.

Jada is tired from her walk
Wiped out!
To learn more about the Hamilton Reflective Dog Leash, click here!

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