Monday, March 23, 2015

Review: Full Moon Real Bacon

Full Moon Real Bacon. The Chesnut Mutts Review

["The Chesnut Mutts" were not compensated for this review. All opinions are genuinely mine and we would not share a product that we did not fully believe in. Please do not use any image without permission. Post also contains affiliate links.]

The other day I went to Walmart in search of more training treats (Dottie snuck into my room and ate everything in my little training treat bags!) and I could not find anything that Jada could have except for Full Moon treats. Jada has a lot of allergies and can not have a lot of dog treats that are on the market. We have already done a review on Full Moon's Chicken Jerky, which Jada loved, so I was sure she would feel the same way for their Real Bacon!

Jada wants her dog treats
"Did you say..BACON?!"

We decided to do a quick review for you guys! As always, Full Moon treats are made in the USA and this bacon is made from USDA inspected pork bellies! The pork is US grown from cage-free and farm-raised pigs. The ingredients are wonderful: Pork, Dried Cane Molasses, Sea Salt, Vinegar, Dried Ground Celery, Natural Smoke Flavoring, Alpha Tocopherols, Decaffeinated Green Tea Extract. So the name of the treats are correct..this is real bacon!

When I opened up the bag, I was like "wait..this is just like bacon for humans!" and yes, I did try it and it was pretty good! Haha!

Bailey loves the smell of Full Moon Real Bacon dog treats
Trying to resist the delicious bacon smell
"So why can't you just use regular ol' bacon made for humans?"

Well, I personally trust Full Moon than a lot of the meat companies out there. With Full Moon you know more about where the meat comes from and you can be sure that it is safe for your pups.

Jada licking a piece of the bacon treat
I love that it comes in small strips which is great for little dogs, and you can easily tear the strips into smaller pieces. They are a bit greasy, which isn't the best for training treats, but it is a great reward for those dogs who are motivated by super meaty smelling treats (like Bailey).

In a nutshell...
  • Full Moon Real Bacon is human grade bacon treats for dogs
  • Limited ingredients, great for dogs with allergies
  • Made in the USA with USDA inspected pork bellies
  • Various lengths of bacon strips, but mostly on the small side
  • Easy to tear apart
  • Smells wonderful
  • You can buy these at Walmart, Kroger and at our Amazon Store here
  • The big bag (12 oz) cost me around $12

I enjoy the quality of Full Moon's pet treats and will continue buying them :)

Jada balancing the treat on her nose
Jada has real bacon on the brain

Learn more about Full Moon Real Bacon here!
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  1. The full moon real bacon is not sold at Walmart or Krogers.. Walmart quit selling it only carry the other full moon treats at least at my Walmart stores in Ypsilanti Mi and no reason on why they will not sell it and contacted Full moon company to find out of they even make it any more and no response back. Even amazon does not have it. And Krogers never sold the real bacon one.

    1. Hey there! I talked with Full Moon and they said that each Walmart can decide on what to sell and they might be making room for some new Full Moon treats. They aren't discontinued, but just phased out for the time being.