Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Brand Spotlight: #RoyalCanin 's Nutritional Solutions for Dogs & Cats at Petsmart

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I am sure you have seen the Royal Canin® brand on the shelves at your local pet store, but I thought I would clue you in on the brand and what kind of formulas are available for your pet!

Jada, Bailey, and I headed over to our local PetSmart® (which is about 40 miles away...road trip!) to check out what they had!

Bailey and Jada in front of Petsmart
So happy to be out on the town!
Bailey in a Petsmart cart
"Onwards, human!"

The first Royal Canin products we saw were the cat formulas. They have so many to pick from depending on what breed, age, and condition your cat is in

Royal Canin Breed Specific Cat Food
Breed specific nutrition! The almond shape of the Persian kibble makes it easier for the cat to pick up!

Royal Canin Spayed Neutered Cat Food for Cat Health
Spayed/Neutered cats have different nutritional needs! They usually have increased appetites.
Bailey and Jada picking out a Royal Canin Cat Food
This Indoor Adult 27 formula would be great for Mr. Kitty!
When we were done looking at all the wet and dry cat foods, we headed over to the Royal Canin aisle on the dog side. They had a very neat display with a wheel so you can learn about unique traits of certain breeds.

Jada and Bailey in a Petsmart cart in front of Royal Canin Dog Food

Now, I know what you are thinking..."You have mutts! How are you going to pick out a formula?" Calm down, calm down! They have non-specific formulas too, such as ones for small dogs or weight care. Honestly, if your dog is more of a certain breed I would try out one of the breed specific formulas. Since Jada is more chihuahua-like I would go with chihuahua, for Bailey I would go with yorkie.

Yorkie Nutritional Solutions
The yorkie formula would concentrate more on hair health compared to a short-haired breed.
Royal Canin Dog Food for Dog Health
So many specific formulas to choose from!
Bailey with Miniature Schnauzer Breed Specific Royal Canin Food
"I would get this bag for my bestie Dottie and her brother Dibble!"

Royal Canin was founded in France in 1968 by the vet Jean Cathary who was focused on the needs of pets and wanted a pet food company grounded in science. In the U.S., all the food is made and distributed in North America. Royal Canin believes that every pet is unique and deserves nutrition specified for their certain needs. Whether your dog is young or old, big or small, pure or mixed breed, you will find a formula that is right for them. 

Honestly, in all of the pet foods I have seen, this brand has the most options to choose from and I feel that all pet parents can appreciate that because your pet really is special and deserves food that is the best for them. The ingredients are decent and better than a lot of pet foods out there, and you are certain to not find another product as specific as Royal Canin.

Bailey and Jada with Chihuahua and Yorkie Royal Canin Dog Food at Petsmart
To learn more about Royal Canin, you can check out their website here

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