Thursday, September 10, 2015

Mini Review: The French Dog

The French Dog Collars and Leashes Review

As you can tell from her face, Jada loves her new collar from The French Dog! They have some amazing designs and it was so hard to pick our favorite! This is their Black & Tan Plain Dog Collar and the pattern can also be turned into a leash or harness!

The French Dog Collars and Leashes

The French Dog Collars and Leashes
"Whoa, whoa, whoa! Step away from my fancy "The French Dog" collar!" -Jada

The French Dog Collars and Leashes
"Hey mama, hey mama! Look at my shiny collar from The French Dog on Etsy! You jealous mama, huh huh?"

The French Dog collar
"I know some of you have wondered about my fancy collar..this lovely piece around my neck is "The Amelia". It is very gorgeous just like me! Don't you agree?!" -Jada

The French Dog collar
When your vet compliments on how fashionable your collar is...

The French Dog collar
"Feeling #onFleek " -Jada #CharcoalEyebrow

The French Dog bowties
"Feeling so fly in my bow-tie" -Bailey 🎀

the french dog collar and leashes
"Gotta look fashionable for walkies!" -Jada #WhenYourDogSmilesBetterThanYou

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