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Review & Giveaway: Absorbine #WoofPouf

The Chesnut Mutts Review and Giveaway Absorbine Woof Pouf

[This post is sponsored by Absorbine and the BlogPaws Professional Pet Blogger Network. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about Woof Pouf, but The Chesnut Mutts only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers. Absorbine is not responsible for the content of this article.]

Dogs will be dogs and dogs love to get dirty! And they all have to get that dreaded "B" word: B-A-T-H! But when it comes to getting your dog clean what product do you reach for? I'm here to introduce a new grooming product that will make bath time a bit easier and make your dog smell a whole lot better. Introducing the Absorbine® Woof Pouf™!

Absorbine logo

Absorbine is a pet company that started out with horse products in 1892 but have now branched out into the dog world. They have a variety of dog grooming and parasite control items including the new Woof Pouf. There is the green UltraShield Woof Pouf and the blue ShowSheen Woof Pouf which both have little soap beads inside of the pouf which disintegrate over time lasting 15 washes.

Jada looking at the Woof Poufs. UltraGreen and ShowSheen

Some of our loyal readers will remember us looking at the UltraShield Woof Pouf a while back in one of our Blog Paws Swag reviews. The UltraShield variety repels fleas and ticks naturally with herbs and extracts inside the soap beads. What is cool is that it is actually proven to help repel those boogers! 

Dottie next to a UltraShield Woof Pouf which naturally repels fleas and ticks
Dottie trying out the UltraShield Woof Pouf back in June
We were given both of these guys to try out, but since we have talked about the UltraShield variety once before and tick season is dwindling, I thought I would focus more on the ShowSheen Pouf. Now, since this pouf is designed to help remove pesky odors we need to get dirty, right?

One of our favorite places to go for some much-needed doggie exercise and relaxation is a lake that is nearby. It is pretty dinky, but it has a trail that goes around and I love to let the girls wade around in the water. I haven't been there in a while since I have been sick, so we were due for some fun.

Jada waiting in the car to go to the lake and get dirty
"Come on, mama! Let's go!"

We went in the late morning just before it was super hot and the girls were so excited to be there.

Bailey and Jada at the lake

We walked a little bit around the lake, looking at all the sights and even coming across a few people. There are lots of geese and ducks who inhabit the lake so Jada and Bailey love smelling and watching them. When there are geese there's goose poop! And boy do the girls love it. Blech!

Jada and Bailey walking on the trail of the lake

Once Jada walks for a while she likes to go and dip her feet in the lake. It surprised me at first cause she isn't a water dog or anything, but she actually likes to wade in the water as well. I think it is super cute!

Jada and Bailey getting dirty at the lake

Bailey not wanting to go in the lake
"Nope, nope, nopity nope!" -Bailey

As you can see, Bailey isn't too thrilled about the water, but Jada is all for it. Now, how is this dirty you may ask? Like I said earlier, this lake is pretty dinky. People's litter and geese poop everywhere! Blech. Not to mention it is still water so whenever the girls walk algae gets stirred up. Lovely.

Jada getting dirty in the lake

Jada getting dirty in the lake

Here is a short video which features a nice slo-mo Jada shake!

So after the girls had their fun we got back in the car. I looked at the girls and Jada was wet in nasty lake water up to her belly and Bailey's feet were wet as well. The whole car trip back home smelled like poopy goose lake, but the girls didn't mind of course.

Bailey and Jada all dirty from the lake

Thankfully, our house isn't too far from the lake so as soon as we got home I herded the girls into the bathroom (to their dismay) where I brought out our new ShowSheen Woof Pouf!

This ShowSheen Woof Pouf has Ordenone® soap beads which eliminate tough odors like skunk smell. Yes, I said skunk! Wow! If this thing gets rid of skunk I am sure it can get rid of nasty lake stench.

The ShowSheen WoofPouf odor eliminating dog shampoo

These soap beads are actually in the pouf and disintegrate completely over time and lasts for 15 washes. Considering I bath my dogs once a month (more if they get into something disgusting) this could really last me a long time. 

Ordenone soap beads are strong enough to get rid of skunk smells

And of course, I look at the ingredients because of Jada's allergies. The first two main ingredients are common in soap making: Sodium Palmate is a fatty acid from the oil of palm trees, Sodium Cocoate is a mix of fatty acid salts from coconut oil. We also have water, glycerin, fragrance, salt, and other soap ingredients. These are all eco-safe so it is fine if you get some in your mouth, haha.

So the first step, according to the Woof Pouf packaging, is to wet your pet thoroughly with water. They forgot about the step where you put your dogs in the bath while they give you the stink eye.

Bailey hates baths the most if you can't tell.

After wetting your dog, you get your pouf and start lathering from head to tail. It took a while to start the lather, but after I got it going it was great. 

Bailey next to her ShowSheen woof pouf

I love that the soap is in the pouf so I can scrub and lather easily. It isn't as messy too! After you have lathered everything, rinse your dog thoroughly. Rinse the ShowSheen Woof Pouf as well and hang it up to dry.

Bailey with a mohawk

..And then give your dog a mohawk because you can ;)

Bailey after post bath zoomies

After a round of post-bath zoomies, the girls are ready for another adventure! I gave them a good whiff and they smell nothing like the lake and have a nice clean scent that wasn't too overwhelming. Call me impressed!

In a Nutshell...

  • Absorbine has been around since 1892
  • They have come out with a dog cleansing pouf that has soap pellets inside of the pouf which lasts for 15 washes
  • There are two types: UltraShield and ShowSheen.
  • UltraShield is proven to repel fleas and ticks with natural herbs and extracts
  • ShowSheen eliminates tough dog odors with Ordenone soap beads which are strong enough to destroy skunk stench
  • With an average price of $8.99, that brings it to around $0.60 a bath. Not bad!
  • Can be bought from online retailers, you can find a local store, or you can buy from our Amazon shop

I was very surprised at how well the ShowSheen Woof Pouf took care of the lake odors. They were completely gone and replaced with a mild scent that was very nice! I like the idea of the UltraShield Woof Pouf because more people seem to be going the natural route when it comes to parasite control. Even if you are using something already for ticks and fleas, you can always use UltraShield for some extra umph! 

Click here to learn more about the Absorbine Woof Pouf!

Jada getting dirty in the lake

What is the smelliest mess your dog has gotten into?
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