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Review: #BootTheScoot with Glandex®

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Picture this: Your friends are visiting your house and everything is going well until your precious pup starts to scoot their tushie across your nice rug! Or even worse, your dog is in your friends lap and then all of a sudden you smell a foul odor. Your worst fears have been realized- Fido has expressed their anal glands all over the expensive dress that your friend loves. Your "buddies" are horrified and leave your house never to return again. Now- how could we have prevented this broken relationship? Glandex® to the rescue!

Glandex is a product designed to help dogs and cats with anal gland problems "boot the scoot". There are two forms of this product- peanut butter flavored chewables (for dogs only), and a powdered beef liver flavored supplement that you sprinkle on your dog or cat's food.

So first things first- what are anal glands? These are glands around your dog's anus that express themselves whenever your dog or cat defecates. When a dog smells another dog's rear end this anal gland scent is what they are actually smelling and it is unique to each dog. When the glands are not working properly they can become impacted and cause issues which makes your dog uncomfortable and then they scoot all over your nice carpet trying to relieve this discomfort.

Jada and Glandex anal gland supplement products

I think the way Glandex works is genius! 

First off, it is the only product that addresses the underlying causes of your pet's anal gland problems and because of that it works from the inside out to help maintain healthy anal glands.

What makes it so effective is the fiber that help bulk and firm the pet's stools to naturally empty the anal glands. Neat, huh? It actually makes your dog's poop bigger! Haha.

Glandex also contains natural anti-inflammatories to target underlying inflammation as well as probiotics and digestive enzymes to support a healthy gastrointestinal tract.

In 3-5 weeks, you should have less embarrassing butt scoots :P

Jada butt and glandex

Jada has had anal gland problems and it turns out it is more common in small dogs. I figured out she had issues when I kept having wet spots on my blue jeans after she had expressed herself and then continued to clean it up for me (gag). 

So we decided to try Glandex out and I honestly wasn't too hopeful that this would actually help. Prior to the anal gland supplement, I would catch her scooting on the rug for maybe 3 seconds multiple times a week. I also would express hers and Bailey's anal glands once a month during her bath. 

Beef Liver powder Glandex anal gland treatment Veterinarian Formulated

Beef liver powder, pumpkin seed powder, apple pectin

Glandex anal gland support for dogs and cats directions

So both the powder supplement and the chews are veterinarian formulated and made in the U.S.A. with all natural ingredients. You know how I love my U.S.A. made products! The ingredient list isn't too bad at all and you can see that a lot of the fiber comes from the pumpkin. Jada was given 1/4 tsp every day in her food.

glandex anal gland support for dogs soft chews

Glandex fiber supplement for dogs ingredients pumpkin, peanut butter

Glandex fiber supplement for dogs soft chews directions

We were given both the powder form and the soft chew form of Glandex. I decided to give Bailey the chews since Jada can't have peanut butter. Ingredients are good and of course, all natural from the U.S.A. For Bailey, I gave her half a chew daily.

Glandex fiber supplement put on dog food

It is very easy to give Glandex to your pet! All I did was measure out the powdered supplement and sprinkled it into Jada's food. Because Jada can't have peanut butter, I gave Bailey's Glandex soft chew to her in her food so Jada can't steal it. I tore it into little pieces and she enjoyed it!

powder fiber supplement for dogs and cats
1/4 tsp for dogs 15-25 lbs

Because my girls are spoiled, I also put warm water in both bowls, haha. I never got any complaint from either the soft chews or the powder. I believe the powder was a big hit because when I ran out of chews I switched Bailey over to it and she has been super eager to eat her dinner ever since!

Jada and Bailey eating dog food with Glandex anal gland supplement for dogs and cats

So, what were our results? During the month of testing Glandex, I kept a journal and made a note whenever I caught Jada "moon walking" (Thank you minnie_lola_chihuahuas for that term, haha). At first I was very skeptical of the product and I couldn't really observe if Jada's bowel movements actually became wider because she free roams on our property, but after perhaps the 3rd or 4th week I noticed that there was less scooting and accidental expressions on my lap!

When it came to her monthly anal gland expression time, the glands felt different- not entirely sure why, but it felt a bit more firm which made it easier for me to do my job, haha. 

In a nutshell...

  • Glandex® is an anal gland supplement for dogs and cats
  • It comes in powdered form and soft chews. Both are veterinary formulated and made in the U.S.A with all-natural ingredients.
  • It is the only product that addresses all of the underlying causes of anal gland problems and works from the inside out to help maintain healthy anal glands.
  • Works in multiple ways to keep the anal glands healthy and is a more effective alternative to frequent anal gland expressing which can further irritate the anal glands.
  • It contains the precise amount of fiber to help bulk and firm the pet’s stools to naturally empty the anal glands.
  • It also contains natural anti-inflammatories to target underlying inflammation as well as probiotics and digestive enzymes to support a healthy gastrointestinal tract.
  • Guaranteed results within 3-5 weeksto help “boot the scoot!”
  • Costs $17.99 for the smallest powder and $12.99 for a trial size of the soft chews
  • Can be bought on their website, as well as Amazon.
I would recommend this product to any pet parent who sees that their dog might have issues with their anal glands. Too much scooting or accidental anal gland expressions are embarrassing and can even mean more complicated problems. But I would try Glandex to add more fiber to your pet's diet and get those issues under control and boot the scoot!

Jada butt
The end!

Learn more about Glandex® here!

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