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Review: How to Feed Your Dog Fresh Food with JustFoodForDogs

Review: How to Feed Your Dog Fresh Food with JustFoodForDogs

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There has been a significant rise in pet parents wanting better food for their dogs. Something more than just cooked brown circles. Something that actually looks more like food with recognizable and wholesome ingredients. Many pet food brands have answered the call, but one of the most well-known brands is JustFoodForDogs.

Just Food For Dogs Logo

JustFoodForDogs was started in 2010 by Shawn Buckley. He began cooking food for his dog Simon after doing some research about what was legally allowed in dog food. When it came to ingredients such as chemical preservatives and misleading labels, Shawn wasn't having it and thus cooked for his own dog and then eventually his neighbors'. He saw an immediate difference in feeding fresh food compared to kibble and after gathering a team of veterinarians and specialists, he launched JustFoodForDogs - the first fresh public kitchen for dogs. Since then, the core mission of JFFD is to improve pets' length and quality of life by the means of fresh food. They have many different products to chose from, but we are going to take a look at a couple popular recipes from their main Fresh Frozen line.

Jada next to a Just Food For Dogs box
"Let's dig in!"

JustFoodForDogs Beef and Russet Potato Recipe

Just Food For Dogs Beef and Russet Potato fresh dog food

Just Food For Dogs Beef and Russet Potato frozen dog food ingredients

JustFoodForDogs is made in the USA in their many USDA-certified kitchens with ingredients from around the world. Everything is human-grade with no preservatives and the Fresh Frozen line is frozen right after being prepared then put into an insulated box for your convenience. 

If we take a look at the ingredients of the Beef and Russet Potato recipe, we have a good variety of whole foods like beef, potatoes, sweet potatoes, green beans, carrots, safflower oil, beef liver, peas, apples, and fish oil. The rest of the ingredients are various vitamins and minerals and it is all grain and gluten-free. 

Just Food For Dogs fresh beef human grade dog food

JFFD has a team of vets and specialists who formulate the different recipes to make sure they are all nutritionally complete. What is pretty interesting is that they also conduct food trials and digestibility studies on their food. 

In one of their feeding trials, it was shown that the JustFoodForDogs recipes were beneficial to feed dogs long-term and provided for a healthy immune system. In a published digestibility study, it showed that when dogs ate JFFD fresh food, more food was eaten and more nutrients were absorbed compared to a kibble diet. Also, dogs produced 66% less poop than when fed a premium kibble, and 41% less poop compared to another fresh dog food brand that uses feed-grade ingredients.

Dog eating Just Food For Dogs fresh food for dogs

Since it comes frozen, you do need to thaw it before feeding. The best way is to take the package from the freezer and let it thaw in the fridge in a plastic container until it is time to feed. There are portion size recommendations on the packaging, or you can use their handy feeding calculator to figure out how much you need to give to your dog.

I let Jada try out the Beef and Russet Potato recipe and she really enjoyed it and licked the bowl clean looking for more! With this being so different than kibble, I always worry about tummy issues. Just like with any other dog food transition, it is best to slowly replace it with your dog's current food over the course of a week or two, depending on the dog.

Dog eating Just Food For Dogs grain free dog food

So of course Jada loves the food, but what about picky Bailey?

JustFoodForDogs Chicken and White Rice Recipe

Just Food For Dogs chicken and white rice dog food

Just Food For Dogs chicken and white rice fresh and frozen holistic dog food

For JustFoodForDogs' Chicken and White Rice recipe, the whole foods consist of chicken thighs, long-grain white rice, spinach, carrots, apples, and chicken gizzards and livers. 

Just Food For Dogs fresh chicken wholesome dog food

Looks pretty appetizing! I was super nervous about Bailey not liking it because she will stick her nose up to just about anything from kibble to various stews and wet foods.

Dog looking at Just Food For Dogs chicken and rice human grade dog food
"Oh my, what is this?"

Surprise! She actually really enjoyed and ate all of it. During the week that we fed JFFD she never stuck her nose up and ate with gusto. We were pleasantly surprised that she took to it so well. Picky dog approved!

Dog eating Just Food For Dogs human grade chicken dog food

In a nutshell...
  • JustFoodForDogs has been around since 2010 and their main focus is to improve our pets' length and quality of life with their fresh food.
  • One of their most popular products is their Fresh Frozen dog food line which features whole foods with balanced vitamins and minerals.
  • Their recipes are made in USDA-certified kitchens in the USA with human-grade ingredients.
  • JFFD participates in feeding and digestibility trials and has been shown to be more digestible than kibble and even other fresh dog food brands.
  • You can find JustFoodForDogs on their website, at Petco, and at a kitchen near you.

JustFoodForDogs is a really great human-grade food that I would consider feeding to my dogs. Great ingredients and science to back up the nutrition, plus superb palatability gives it a thumbs up. The only hurdles of their Fresh Frozen line would be the price and freezer space. According to their feeding calculator, Jada would need 3/4 of a cup of the Beef & Russet Potato recipe a day which is $2.16 per day and $64.80 a month. And as with any frozen dog food, freezer space can be an issue. So if you can afford it and store it, I would give it a shot especially if you have a dog with a picky appetite, any medical conditions, or just because.

Dog licking their lips after eating Just Food For Dogs frozen dog food
"Seconds, anyone?"

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