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Rawgust: The Basics of Raw Dog Food #TruDogPartner

Rawgust: The Basics of Raw Dog FoodThe Chesnut Mutts were compensated in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are honest and genuine. We would not purposefully share a product that is harmful or dishonest to the customer. Information provided is for general information only and not a subsitute for veterinary advice. Post may contain affiliate links that provide a commission. Do not use any images without permission.

It's near the end of July, and that means that August, er, Rawgust, is just around the corner! What in the world is Rawgust? Well, it is a month where we look at raw dog food and talk about why it is a great choice for your pup!

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What is raw dog food?

If you've scrolled through Instagram you've probably seen some really pretty pictures of dog food bowls filled with raw meat, various organs, supplements, and maybe even a duck head or two. There are lots of different ways to feed raw, but the basis is that the food is not cooked and given to your dog that way.

Raw meat
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Why should I feed my dog raw food?

A lot of people feel it is more natural to feed their dogs a diet that is mostly or all meat. Compared to cooked circles, seeing your dog sink their teeth into something that is meaty seems more species-appropriate. In kibble, the meat they use has a lot of nutrients that are cooked out and they have to add back in those vitamins and minerals. So it can be like cutting out that middle man and providing better nutrient-rich food. Many dog owners have reported better gut health and shinier coat. I've seen some great results for dogs who have severe food allergies and improved dental health, plus picky eaters seem to really enjoy it!

A dog eating a raw dog food meal
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Are there any risks involved with feeding a raw diet to my dog?

Salmonella is a common risk when handling raw food of any kind, but it is very rare for a dog to contract it and proper handwashing on your part should be enough to protect you from it. Another risk is that it can get expensive depending on the dog and where you are getting your raw dog food from, but then again you could be saving money by investing in your dog's health.

Jada and Bailey waiting on their food
"Enough with all the talk and just give us a bite already!"

What are the different ways to feed my dog a raw diet?

This is the fun part! There are so many ways to incorporate raw foods into your dog's diet. You want to think about all the different options though: fresh, frozen, and freeze-dried.

Let's start from the most difficult and work our way down...

A dog eating a raw dog food diet
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Fresh Whole Raw Dog Food

Fresh raw dog food can come refrigerated or frozen, and I like to think of it as those whole pieces of meat that are given to your dog. There is some worry about balancing the vitamins and nutrients when feeding straight-up raw pieces of meat. I've seen raw food calculators as well as people adding vitamins and supplements to their meals, but if you have any concerns I would ask your vet first. You can get fresh raw dog food from different local or online companies, or from local butchers and they can be frozen or refrigerated. This can be a lot of work preparing everything!

Raw dog food

Frozen Prepared Raw Dog Food

There are companies that offer frozen raw dog food that is already nutritionally balanced and just needs to be thawed before serving. These can come in the form of small bites, patties, tubes of ground meat, or pouches. Super easy, but can be a pain if you forget to thaw them in time, and feeding your dog when you are on the road can be a hassle!

Bailey looking at TruDog Raw Dog Food

Freeze-Dried Raw Dog Food - Just Add Water

In my opinion, freeze-dried is the easiest way to feed your dog a raw diet. Freeze-drying retains all the nutrients of the raw food while making it shelf stable. These can come in patties or small bites and all you do is add water to rehydrate it. No thawing, no mess, easy to bring with you while traveling, and already nutritionally complete - easy peasy! There are many great companies who offer high-quality freeze-dried raw like TruDog with their Feed Me raw dog food

Bailey looking at TruDog Feed Me Raw Dog Food

So in a nutshell, feeding a raw diet has many health benefits and there are so many different ways to incorporate raw into your dog's meals. Even if you aren't ready to make the switch, you can always add raw as a topper to your pup's meals. This is personally what I do since cost is a big factor for me, but I love to change things up while providing extra nutrients for my dogs. Whatever method works for you, the bottom line is that adding whole foods can be beneficial to your dog's health.

Do you incorporate raw food into your dog's diet?
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