Thursday, November 6, 2014

Meet "The Chesnut Mutts"

Welcome to The Chesnut Mutts!

We are a website dedicated to providing information on high-quality products for dog parents. When picking products to share with our readers, we look at the "wow" factor and what makes this particular product different from others already out there.


Jada and Bailey The Chesnut Mutts with Abby Chesnut

Abby Chesnut is a pet product influencer and avid animal lover from Dallas, GA. Abby started her college education in Animal Science at Berry College but left after chronic migraines kept her from participating. At Berry, she worked at their sheep barn and even in their interlibrary loan department in the library.

Abby Chesnut working at Berry College

While she was down, she participated in many online giveaways from pet bloggers and aspired to do something similar after seeing how well her dogs performed in front of the camera. In late October 2014, she started up The Chesnut Mutts. She has had so much making people smile and laugh with her reviews and photos and she has made this her overall goal.

Abby Chesnut and Oliver the Therapy Rat from Healing Whiskers

Abby also keeps up another blog called Healing Whiskers. This blog is about therapy rats and her adventures.


Jada the Chesnut Mutt smiling

Jada is a Yorkie Boston Terrier Mix that was born in April 2011. She is from an oops litter and came to Abby through a friend. She is a firecracker of a dog who can bark up at you non-stop one minute and then demand back rubs the next. 

Jada the Chesnut Mutt baby photo
Baby photo!

Jada knows many tricks, but her most impressive one is her balancing act. You can see how to do this on our tutorial video.

Jada the chesnut mutt balancing

What Abby loves most about Jada is her smile. She is such a happy dog and she loves sharing her with the world and making people happy as well.

Jada the Chesnut Mutt with a bowtie


Bailey the Chesnut Mutt with glasses

Bailey is a Pekingese Shih Tzu mix that was found walking alongside a busy road in Gaylesville, Alabama in 2012. She only came into Abby's life because she was there at the right time and place. This little filthy dog was covered in fleas and literally would not leave her side once she spotted her. They couldn't find her owners and Abby had fallen in love, so she became a Chesnut Mutt then and there.

Bailey the Chesnut Mutt as a puppy

Bailey is such a silly dog who makes the best faces. She gets nervous around strangers, but once she gets to know you she will climb up to your face and give you kisses!

Bailey the Chesnut Mutt

Thank you all for being supporters of The Chesnut Mutts!