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Review & Giveaway: Redbarn Lamb Ears

The Chesnut Mutts RedBarn Lamb Ears Review

["The Chesnut Mutts" were given a box of Lamb Ears in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are genuinely mine and we would not share a product that we did not fully believe in. Please do not use any image without permission. Post also contains affiliate links.]

After our last Redbarn review on their Bully Nuggets, one of our blogger friends mentioned how much their dog enjoyed their Lamb Ears. Jada and Bailey had not tried those yet and we replied stating such. To our surprise, Redbarn contacted us was willing to let us try some in exchange for a review!

woot woot!

So, what makes Redbarn chews different that other chews you can buy at your pet store?

Redbarn's Mission Statement:
"1) To provide high quality, innovative pet food and treats at competitive prices while conducting business with integrity and respect.

2) To provide products and information to help our customers in making educated, nutritious decisions for their pets.

3) To maintain the highest standards of quality assurance to ensure we deliver safe, reliable products every day." (Source)

Redbarn also has strict quality assurance specifications:
"Our manufacturing plants, at home and abroad, are a reflection of our company. All of the Redbarn plants are visited and inspected annually by the owners of Redbarn. We go to a lot of effort to assure ourselves of the quality of the product coming from these plants. Each and every plant must adhere to our strict quality assurance standards and food safety programs. Redbarn has invested in testing protocols in each of these plants that must be met prior to the shipping of any product. In addition, our U.S plant is audited by 3rd party auditors, FDA, and USDA." (Source)

So Redbarn is pretty legit and makes high-quality products!

You cannot mistake Redbarn for any other brand because of their green packaging (and of course, their high-quality treats)! I believe I have seen their products in every pet store I have been in, big or small!

RedBarn Naturals Premium Treats Lamb Ears

I love to give chews to my girls, Jada and Bailey, as an everyday treat, a distraction, dental aid, or just because! Poor quality rawhides have been talked about recently, so as a general rule I stay away from any edibles from China. Thankfully, Redbarn's manufactuing plant is based in Great Bend, Kansas.

RedBarn Lamb Ear Chew

So these lamb ears are part of Redbarn's assorted natural chews, which includes ears, hooves, horns, and even tendons. The box says that is is a wholesome, tasty chew that helps promote dental health. There has been back-and-forth arguments about whether chews actually help remove plague from teeth. In my personal opinion, I think that it helps, but not a drastic amount compared to getting your dog's teeth cleaned. 

Jada balancing a lamb ear chew
"look, mama! I'm a unicorn!"

The box also claims that the lamb ears are all natural, with no additives or preservatives. The only thing that they do to these ears is clean and roast them so that they are nice and crunchy for our pups.

These ears are just the right size for small dogs! I like to get the pig and cow ears too, but the lamb ears are less greasy and are good for an everyday treat. I am glad that these are low in calories and fat because Jada still needs to lose a couple of pounds before she can get to her "bikini body"!

Jada with lamb ears on her head
Jada the lamb :)
Not all lamb ears are alike when it comes to size! Even in my box I had some small, medium, and large ears. When picking out your ears in the store you can dig around the box to find the perfect size for your dog! (and then make funny pictures with them!)

Jada chewing a lamb ear from RedBarn

Jada is a fast chewer, and that is one of the reasons why I am picky with the chews I buy. I don't want to buy something that will be gobbled up in 10 seconds! On average, I would say it took her maybe 5 minutes to finish an ear. Bailey is one of those dogs that will take her time so it took her twice as long. And the best part is when they are done, they seem very satisfied! You can't deny it when they lick their lips and give you those happy doggy eyes!

Check out the Redbarn Lamb Ears in action:

In a nutshell:
  • Redbarn Lamb Ears are an all natural crunchy chew for dogs
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • No additives or preservatives
  • The ears are cleaned and roasted which makes them crunchy
  • Great for all dogs, but I think they are the perfect size for small to medium dogs
  • Not as greasy as pig or cow ears
  • Low in calories and fat
  • Highly palatable
  • Long lasting chew

I really like these chews and I think that they are perfect for my girls! One of the best features is that they are made in America from a reputable brand!

Jada next to a box of RedBarn Premium Treats
Thanks Redbarn!
Find out more about Redbarn here!
What is your dog's favorite chew?
Let us know in the comments!

We are also giving away 15 Lamb Ears to 2 of our readers!

Must be 18+, U.S. Only (excluding AK & HI) 
ARV is $15.99
Ends 7/8/15 1:00 AM

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  1. my girls love the lamb ears and they used to like the cow's ears. but their all time favorite is the beef taffy (or beef esophagus).