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Review and Giveaway: Redbarn Woolly Bullies

The Chesnut Mutts Redbarn Woolly Bullies Review and Giveaway

["The Chesnut Mutts" were given the product in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are genuinely mine and we would not share a product that we did not fully believe in. Please do not use any image without permission. This post also contains affiliate links]

Ok, so far we have reviewed Redbarn's Bully Nuggets, Lamb Ears, Choppers, and now we have something that combines two of these treats together. 

When you combine Bully Nuggets and Lamb Ears together (minus the beef lung) you get something called Woolly Bullies! These are the same high-quality Redbarn Lamb Ears combined with their signature bull pizzle sauce. Yummy!

Jada looking at a Woolly Bully
"Can I eat this please, mama?"

Just as a recap, Redbarn is located in Kansas and California where they specialize in natural pet treats and food. We love this brand because of their high-quality and natural chews. We also touched on the subject of "bull pizzle" early on, which we explained was a more polite way of saying bull penis, haha. Bully sticks are a popular dog treat made from dried bull penis that is usually stretched, cut and rolled into a stick shape. Redbarn has made an irresistible bull pizzle sauce that dogs seem to really enjoy.

Redbarn woolly bully bully coated lamb ears

Looking at the bag I noticed that we don't get too many ears- maybe less than 10. If you have many dogs this might have to be a super special treat to make them last longer. According to the bag, they are all natural with antioxidants and made in the U.S.A.- gotta love that! It also says that this is the joint formula, but there aren't any other formulas of Woolly Bullies. The cartilage in lamb ears contain chondroitin and this can help with joints, and they also added chicken cartilage, so they aren't wrong there.

Woolly Bully Ingredient list. lamb ears, beef liver, egg white, beef pizzle

The ingredient list is pretty great! I love the blueberries and cranberries which provide the antioxidants. The only thing I can really gripe at is the caramel color; I am sure without it the color might be funky, but dogs don't mind :).

lamb ears are more nutritious than regular rawhide treats. incorporating the highly palatable flavor of bully sticks makes this treat irresistible.

Yup! Lamb ears have less fat, now let's see what if the Mutts' think they are irresistible!

inside the bag of the woolly bully

detailed look at the bully pizzle sauce on the lamb ear

Ok, so I opened the bag and examined these beauties! These are small to medium-sized lamb ears generiously coated with the pizzle sauce. Because of their size, I would suggest these to small or medium dogs. If larger dogs ate these super fast (like Dottie does later on) then it could be dangerous.

"I'm all ears"
Jada couldn't eat these since she is intolerant to salmon and eggs which is in the sauce, so I gave her a plain ear and gave the rest of the crew these new guys.

dibble chewing a woolly bully

dibble using his "no hands" technique to eat his woolly bully

Dibble really liked his Woolly Bully and even showed me his signature "no hands" treat eating technique! This really scrubs those back teefies and helps remove plaque.

Dottie and a woolly bully

dottie chewing a woolly bully with jada in the background chewing a redbarn lamb ear

Dottie enjoyed them the most and snatched her Woolly Bully right out of my hand! Because she loved them so much, I had to watch her very carefully so she didn't scarf it down too fast. This is a good reminder to always watch your pets when they have chews, especially new ones!

Bailey chewing a Redbarn Woolly Bully

Bailey licking her lips after eating a redbarn woolly bully

As you can see from the picture, Bailey thought her Woolly Bully was super yummy! She is a slow chewer so it lasted for a little less than 10 minutes, while Dottie finished hers in maybe 3. 

Check out the video showing the Mutts' chewing them in action!

In a nutshell...
  • Redbarn makes high-quality natural pet products in the U.S.A.
  • Woolly Bullies are made with their lamb ears and secret bully stick sauce
  • Their are less than 10 ears in a bag and the ears are from small to medium size
  • ARV is $7.80 for a bag
  • Would be great for small to medium dogs
  • Can be found at your local pet supply store. Find a retailer here.

I really like the idea of Redbarn adding their bully stick sauce to their lamb ears. The dogs really seemed to like them and they make a nice treat. Honestly, since we have a lot of dogs I would get the big box of their lamb ears and give them these lamb ears as a super special treat. I like to give them chews semi-regularly to help with mental stimulation as well as dental health so these would be great!

Jada balancing redbarn woolly bullies
"I may not be able to eat them, but I can balance em!"

Learn more about Redbarn here!

What is your opinion on bully stick products?
Let us know in the comments!

We are also having a giveaway for a bag of Woolly Bullies! 
2 readers will win a bag of Woolly Bullies (ARV $7.80)

18+, 48 Contiguous U.S. states & DC
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