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Review & Giveaway: Jones Natural Chews - Spring Fling

The Chesnut Mutts Jones Natural Chews - Spring Fling Review and Giveaway

["The Chesnut Mutts" were compensated in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are genuinely mine and we would not share a product that we did not fully believe in. Please do not use any image without permission. Post also contains affiliate links]

Chews are probably the absolute favorite type of treat ever according to a dog. There are many different types to choose from, but they are usually either some kind of bone or rawhide. Chews that are byproducts of the meat industry are sometimes seen as controversial, but to me I say why waste it? Ears, feet, tails, snouts, you name it.

Needless to say, dogs love them and they play an important role as a boredom breaker, a treat, or just because! When you are looking for a chew you want to buy from a reputable brand. Jones Natural Chews specializes in making natural dog chews and have roots in meat cutting and butchering. Jones Natural Chews started in the 80's- you know if a company has been around for a while they must be doing something good. So let's find out!

The spring fling dog chew assortment

Jada with all the treats in her spring fling frisbee treat assortment

We were asked to review the Spring Fling, which is a dog treat assortment for small to medium dogs that is inside of a frisbee- neat idea! It contains 1 Pig Ear, 1 Pork K9 Bacon Roll 5", 1 Beef Hoof, 1 Beef Kneecap, and 2 Beef Weezer Sticks. The girls were very excited for me to open it as you can probably tell! 

Pig Ear

Jada with a pig ear from jones natural chews

First we have the pig ear! I really like how this treat looks - I know, it could be unappealing to most people, but as someone who studied animal science I can appreciate it. 

Jada and a pig ear

There are still a couple of hairs on the ear and this makes me happy. This means that they didn't use harsh chemicals to remove it all!

Jada eating a pig ear from her spring fling

Jones Natural Chews' pig ears are made in the U.S.A, and naturally baked with no additives so you can feel good about giving them to your pup! Jada really liked the ear and it was nice and crunchy.

Beef Weezer Sticks

a beef weezer stick from jones natural chews co

Bailey waiting for a weezer stick

Bailey eating a weezer stick

These Beef Weezer Sticks are a pretty nice chew! Bailey enjoyed this treat made out of U.S.A. beef esophagus, I kind of wish they had this info on the package as to what it was exactly, because it might be confusing for some dog owners, but with a quick online search I figure it out. 

Anyways, this chew lasted a good long time for 10 lb Bailey here and I am not sure why, but it just appealed to me and I love it!

Pork K9 Bacon Roll 5"

pork k9 bacon roll

pork k9 bacon roll and dottie

Jada eating a pork k9 bacon roll from jones chews

Jada stole this Pork K9 Bacon Roll from Dottie, haha, and Jada seemed to really like it! I was a little confused on what this chew was exactly, and after looking it up I learned that they are U.S.A. made naturally baked pork skin rolls. This one lasts pretty long and can be used as a fetch toy as well as a treat afterward.

Beef Knee Cap

Dibble and a beef knee cap

dibble eating his beef knee cap

Yummy, yummy, yummy! Dibble loved his beef knee cap! Jada tried stealing this one too, haha. These knee caps are from U.S.A. beef from the hind legs with bits of dried meat all around and a hint of liquid smoke. I let Dibble eat this outside since it was a bit messy and by the next day most of the meat was gone and a couple of small bones were left. I decided to throw these away since they could become of choking hazard. Always monitor your pet when they are eating new treats or chews!

Beef Hoof

Jada and a beef hoof

jada eating her beef hoof

We have tried beef hooves once before and they have been a big hit. The quality of this Jones hoof was very nice and it was a good size. These are U.S.A. beef toenail that have been cleaned just for your pup. I keep hooves outside now because they stink after a while, lol. Think about it! What do cows step in a lot? Poop! So after a while the hoof starts smelling like that, but these chews last a long long time so it is a good value if you don't mind the stink. 


Jones Natural Chews Frisbee

When you get done with all the wonderful yummy chews you are left with a frisbee and some crinkle paper strips. My dogs don't really use frisbees and these are too big for them anyways, so what can I do with this? The paper strips got me thinking on how I use those sometimes to put in the rat cage for them to play in and then I remembered seeing some DIY rat hammocks made from dog toys. Hmmm..

using a drill and a frisbee to make a rat hammock

using ribbon and shower hooks to make a rat hammock

I got out the handy drill and drilled 4 holes equal distance to each other, threaded ribbon through the holes and then hooked shower hooks onto the ribbon. You can just use the shower hooks instead of the ribbon if you are afraid your rats will chew through it. (later on the ribbons came undone, so I replaced them with the hooks). You can buy these kinds at the dollar store and are super useful.

jones natural chews frisbee flying disc rat hammock DIY

Ta-da! I used these circle shower hooks to make it hang a bit lower for the boys and they seem to enjoy it. They go through phases of loving certain hammocks in the cage and I know they will get to this one eventually. But I know they have checked it out since some of the paper was all over the cage.

Check out our video of the Mutts nomming on their chews as well as Delmar in his hammock!

In a nutshell...
  • Jones Natural Chews is a company that specializes in chews and has been around for around 30 years
  • The Spring Fling is a treat assortment for small to medium dogs which includes 6 treats and a frisbee
  • The 6 treats include a pig ear, 2 beef wheezer sticks, a beef hoof, beef kneecap, and a pork k9 bacon roll 5"
  • Retails for around $9.99 in their online shop, which is a great price for how many quality chews you get
  • You can buy this and other Jones Natural Chews products at your local pet store (find a retailer here)
  • Most of the individual items are also available in our Amazon store

This is a really fun item that can be a great gift for any dog parent who has small to medium dogs! I love that all the chews are U.S.A. made and are natural so I can be assured that I am feeding them something good. Some of the chews can be a bit greasy or messy so it is advised to feed them in an area you don't mind getting dirtied up like outside or in the kitchen. 

I like that there were all types of chews which could be useful if you don't know your pup's taste, you have a handful of small dogs, or if your pup loves everything (like Jada!). 

The only problems I have with this product is that I wish they would explain more of what the items are on the packaging because "Pork K9 Bacon Roll" is kind of confusing, lol. Also, the frisbee would be too big for many small dogs. A small frisbee would be cool, but that means less treats! And always remember to watch your dogs when they eat chews- especially new chews!

Jada waiting for a Jones Natural Chews Treat
"Jones Natural Chews, please!!"

Learn more about Jones Natural Chews here!
Also, check out their blog here!

So, has your dog tried any of these types of chews before?
Let us know in the comments!

We are having a giveaway for a Spring Fling treat assortment as well! (ARV $9.99)

18+, U.S.A. Only, Ends 8/22/15 at 11:59 p.m.

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