Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Raising Funds for Jake's Leg Amputation Due to Cancer

A few weeks ago Jake started limping with a gash in his wrist. Thinking he just got into something and hurt himself, we put him on antibiotics and waited a week. There was little to no improvement so a vet visit was in order.

Instead of just a gash, it turned out to be a tumor. Jake could have rubbed his leg on something because of the pain. I am actually very thankful he did this, because the vet did not like the look of it. A biopsy was done and he went home in his cone of shame.

The limping became better but our hearts sank as we got the phone call that it was indeed cancer. Level 1 Soft Tissue Sarcoma. This type of cancer usually stays in one location and because it is level one there isn't too many symptoms happening yet. Surgery was scheduled the next day and we hoped for the best.

The next morning Jake was so excited to get in the car for a ride..but wasn't too happy to get in the vet's office. He went "full toddler" as I call it. You know when a little kid will become a ragdoll and fall on the floor? Yup. Imagine a 70 pound dog doing that.

A few hours later we got a call saying that it was worse than expected. This cancer had grown and spread into his flexor tendons and blood vessels. The only options we had were to let it be or to amputate. He is 13 years old, but still very lively, so putting him down was not an option for us. $2,500 to remove a leg and prolong his life or do nothing and see him in pain until he passes. Guess which option we chose?

So Jake's leg is amputated and we will probably be getting him back home tomorrow. I just wanted to update you all on the situation and we do have a GoFundMe account set up if you would like to help us cover the costs for his surgery. Every little bit is appreciated!

We will keep you updated on our social media pages, especially Facebook. Follow us by using the social media icons on the top right. So far the amount of support and love we have recieved is overwhelming. The pet community is the most caring of them all and friends of The Chesnut Mutts are the best of the best!

Want to donate via PayPal? Feel free to send your donation to abbychesnut@gmail.com.
Want to send a check or cash instead? Email us at chesnutmutt@gmail.com and we will give you the address or check out our contact page.

Thank you!

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