Saturday, December 15, 2018

The Chesnut Mutts' 2018 Reader Survey

Jada and Bailey from The Chesnut Mutts

I feel like we have a lot of new readers out there and I want to get your feedback as well as an idea of who you are. This is super helpful when pitching to brands who are looking for a certain demographic, and I get a chance to act real smart when I blab about how awesome my followers are!

Knowing what YOU want to see helps me pick products to review and giveaway. Want to see a certain brand reviewed? More personal blogs? More giveaways? Videos? Informative posts? Or even more Bailey? Let me know below!

Jada and Abby Chesnut

We are kind of struggling to find our niche in the pet blogging world. Where everyone does pet product reviews and giveaways, what makes The Chesnut Mutts any different? I'd like to say we are pretty special in our own way, but I need some outside perspective!

This survey is really short (4 minutes of your time) and we want to give you a big THANK YOU for being a great person and dog lover!

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