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Review: Puppo - The Customizable Dog Food Delivered to Your Doorstep

Puppo Dog Food Review
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Sometimes walking into the pet store to purchase dog food can be a hassle - which food is right for my pup? There is a lot to consider: age, weight, breed, ingredients, flavor, and even kibble size. It's enough to make your head spin! Introducing Puppo, a new way to get personalized nutrition for your dog delivered right to your doorstep.

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Every dog is different and this is something Puppo knows well. Puppo creates a personalized kibble for your dog with the help of expert pet nutritionists based off of breed, size, age, activity level, food intolerances/allergies, and even flavor preferences. Let's go right in and show you the process...

puppo customizable dog food

First off, we add a picture which will go on the bag itself. I made it classy with Jada sporting her shades. Then, we get to the nitty gritty with information all about Jada to help Puppo formulate the right kibble for her. The millennial dog lingo really tickles my funny bone! You can choose from "Lil' Pupperino", "Smol", "Standard Issue Doggo", "Big Ol' Doggo", and "Mega Woofer!".

Custom dog food

Then comes picking out your dog's weight, their body score (skinny, ideal, heavy, obese), and activity level. They also ask what brand of food you are feeding, wellness goals (shiny coat, healthy joints, reduce gas, etc.), food sensitivities, and your dog's favorite flavors (beef, turkey, chicken, salmon, lamb, duck, or in Jada's case, everything). Each plan is different of course, but for example, a 20 lbs dog would cost $1.35 per day while a 60 lbs dog would be $2.50 a day. 

Custom dog kibble

Once everything is entered, you will get Nutrition Expert Notes from one of Puppo's nutrition experts. It will suggest how many calories to feed and wellness goals that are based on breed and what you answered in the questionnaire. Tada! That's it. Just put in your shipping information and it will be auto-shipped to you every month. (Unsubscribing is just an email away if needed)

puppo custom dog food

The shipment came pretty fast and contained the 5-pound bag, a food scoop, and some paper material showing how to transition your dog to Puppo kibble. 

custom dog food bag

puppo dog food nutrition

puppo guaranteed analysis dog food

puppo dog food ingredients

Now, just looking at the ingredient list there's a lot of grains, but that's okay. When you are doing the questionnaire about food intolerances you can choose grains or no grains. If your dog isn't doing well on their current formula, you can always talk to Puppo's nutrition experts to adjust it. Jada is currently doing okay because she gets a monthly allergy shot, but if your dog has a sensitivity of any kind you can choose to exclude certain ingredients. Otherwise, everything looks really good with no junk or unneeded ingredients.

Jada and Puppo dog food kibble

When it comes to food sensitivities, you can choose to not have beef, dairy, chicken, wheat, soy, corn, lamb, eggs, pork, fish, white potatoes, and grains (rice, barley, oats). If your pup is allergic to all of those ingredients you would be out of luck, but otherwise, it is very customizable. 

Jada eating puppo food

Depending on what size of dog you have, the kibble size will differ! Some dogs don't mind the size, but it is definitely an important factor when choosing their food. Big pieces can take forever for smaller pups to chew and can impact how much they eat. Jada enjoyed her first taste of Puppo! She seemed to be a little more hesitant than usual (might try a different flavor like beef next time) but she did eat it with some gusto.

Jada's secret formula with puppo

Jada is an interesting dog, which I'm sure you all know. Something I've learned as her mom is that she can put on weight very easily. Where Bailey is around 10 lbs and will eat 1 cup of food a day, Jada will eat 1/2 or 1/4 cup a day. When I saw the "1 cup a day" guideline I was hesitant, but for review-sake, I fed her that amount to see how it would go.

Custom dog food Puppo

So after a month of feeding Puppo with their recommended feeding guidelines, Jada put on a few pounds. No worries though. I started to cut back and messaged Puppo to see how hard it would be to change up the feeding amount for her next bag. Otherwise, in the past month, I haven't seen anything else negative when it comes to her health.

Puppo customer service

Easy peasy. Anna was really nice and even answered some other questions I had to complete this review.

Jada and a puppo dog food box

In a Nutshell...

  • Puppo is a service that provides customized dog food for any size or breed of dog and considers health, age, food intolerances, and even favorite flavors to provide a recipe fit for your pooch
  • Adjustments can be easily made on their website and pet nutritionists are ready to chat with you regarding your dog's diet.
  • Your dog's food is auto-scheduled so you don't have to worry about running out
  • Really customer friendly
  • You can find Puppo on their website.

I think this is a great idea for the new and experienced pet parent alike. Even if your dog doesn't have any sensitivities or a favorite flavor, you can have that piece of mind that experienced nutritionists are just a click away if you have concerns about your dog's food. And if you know everything or just have a hunch about your pup's sensitivities, this is such a great tool because it is really easy to make slight adjustments - something you just can't do with kibble you buy from retailers. 

Lamb and rice puppo dog food
"I have a great smile don't I?"

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