Thursday, December 18, 2014

Mini Review: Buddy Blanket

The Chesnut Mutts Buddy Blanket Review

["The Chesnut Mutts" were not paid for this review. The product was given to us via a giveaway. All opinion are genuinely mine and we would not share a product that we did not fully believe in. Please do not use any images without permission. This post also contains affiliate links.]

I am sure many of you have designated dog blankets. I know I do! I have at least two in my room that go in their beds, and of course, they share my bed most of the time, so my comforter has become a dog blanket too I guess? Ha!

So, I won a Buddy Blanket Comforter from my friends Pawsitively Pets and I thought I would share a quick review of it!

This is a small down and feather comforter for your pets! I love the idea of it being just the right size for (most) pets and it can easily be put into a dog bed without folding it up.

Jada under her Buddy Blanket pet comforter

I have had a similar blanket, but for humans, and it was the warmest blanket I ever had! I am glad they decided on the down and feather filling because it really helps to provide warmth. Also, if your pet is of the destructive type it wouldn't be so bad if they decide to take a bite out of the blanket!

Jada under her Buddy Blanket pet comforter

The outside of the blanket is a very soft cotton and once you put it into the dryer on low heat for a few minutes it puffs up and becomes super fluffy!

Jada and Bailey under the Buddy Blanket pet comforter
so warm and fluffy!

You can find Buddy Blanket at Amazon for $39.99. They come in different colors like brown, blue, red, and pink. A portion of each Buddy Blanket sold gets donated to an animal organization.

In a nutshell...

  • The Buddy Blanket is a small down and feather pet comforter
  • perfect pet size
  • soft and fluffy
  • ~$39.99 at Amazon or in my Amazon Store.
  • comes in brown, blue, red, and pink
  • A bit expensive for a pet blanket, but it is high quality and a portion of the sale goes to an animal organization

If you want to learn more about Buddy Blanket click here!

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  1. Your dogs are so cute! Glad they are enjoying the blanket!