Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Etsy Love: Engler Engraving

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Continuing with our favorite Etsy shops, we have Engler Engraving! Greg Engler can pretty much make any laser engraved item you can dream of! On his Etsy, he mainly sells wood items, such as key chains, plaques, ornaments, cutting boards, photo frames, you name it! If you don't see a design you like, you can always message him and get a custom order going!

A sample of Engler Engraving's products

A little over a year ago after having my second betta Emilio for a few months, I decided to look for some betta stuff on Etsy. Thankfully for me, I found Engler Engraving and their Betta keychains!

Betta keychain from Engler Engraving
This is when I first got my keychain! The detailing is amazing and the cherry wood smelled so good!

Betta keychain from Engler Engraving
This is the keychain just a month ago! Love how well it has stood up over constant use on my keys. The details are also just as crisp as ever 

I love my keychain and how great of a quality it is! I am sure his other products are of the same grade! The keychain was only $5 as well, which is totally worth it!

In a nutshell...
  • Engler Engraving uses a laser to engrave mainly wood products
  • They have many items to choose from like keychains, ornaments, photo frames, cutting boards, etc.
  • The prices are extremely reasonable
  • Top notch quality!

Click here to check out Engler Engraving!
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  1. Its good that you provided the list and thanks fo sharing it here and giving suggestions and reviews. If you could get us some designs and products in next post it would be appreciable.