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Review: Redbarn Bully Nuggets

The Chesnut Mutts RedBarn Bully Nuggets Review

["The Chesnut Mutts" were not paid for this review. The product was given to us via a giveaway. All opinion are genuinely mine and we would not share a product that we did not fully believe in. Please do not use any image without permission. Post also contains affiliate links.]

We won a bag of Redbarn Bully Nuggets from Tiffany's Diamond Dogs forever ago and are finally getting around to testing them out! 

RedBarn Naturals Bully Nuggets Dog Treat

Bully Nuggets are a dog treat made in the USA with real Redbarn Bully Sticks. So what exactly are bully sticks you ask? 

According to
Bully sticks, also known as beef pizzles, pizzle sticks, beef sticks, steer stix, are made from 100% bull penises. Bull penis is a single ingredient of bully sticks. Some suppliers and merchants say that they sell bully sticks made of "beef tendons" or "dried muscles" as that part of the anatomy is a tendon and muscle indeeed, and this may sound less repulsive for some people with psychological barrier thinking of feeding bull privates to their furbabies.

In the beginning of manufacturing process the bull's penis that is usually 23-25 inches long, is removed and cleaned. It is hung vertically for the fluids contained to fully drain. Without these fluids bully sticks are odor free. At the next stage of processing bull penises are stretched, twisted or braided, dried and then may be smoked for flavor. The result is a 30-40 inches long very hard brown stick which is cut into pieces suitable for dogs of any size.
Very interesting!

Ingredients: Beef Lung, Beef Pizzle, Chicken Cartilage, Ascorbic Acid....Bully Nuggets are all natural, bite size nuggets of beef lung sauteed with our irresistible Bully Stick sauce. These treats are ideal as a training tool or as a quick, wholesome reward anytime.

So Bully Nuggets are pieces of beef lung covered in bull penis sauce...yummy! You know dogs don't mind too much when it comes to what part of the cattle they are eating, and the smell of the treats are not going to deter them either! I really love the simple ingredients and the added ones that help with joints, such as the salmon oil. 

Bully Nugget dog treat
Lung nuggets!
There are plenty of Bully Nuggets in the bag which will last a long time! We have had this bag opened for a month now and we still have some leftover.

RedBarn Bully Nugget

They are a great size snack for any breed, and they don't smell too bad to us humans!

Dibble the schnauzer wants a Bully Nugget
"Can I please have a bite?"
All of the dogs loved their Redbarn Bully Nuggets! I would definitely buy these again for a great reward treat!

In a nutshell...
  • Redbarn Bully Nuggets are made with all natural beef lung and pizzle in the USA.
  • These bitesize nuggets are great for training or as a tasty reward for anytime.
  • Great for any size dog
  • Sells for around $6, great price for the quality!
  • Can be found at many local pet stores (check availability here)
  • Also available in our Amazon store here
Dibble the schnauzer licking his lips
lip lickin' good!
Learn more about Redbarn Bully Nuggets here!

Dottie, Dibble, and Bailey waiting for a RedBarn treat
"Drop the Bully Nuggets and no one gets hurt!"

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