Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Review: Adventurous Pets are #PinnacleHealthyPets Part 2

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So for the past month, Bailey has been trying out Pinnacle®'s grain-free and holistic dog food. We were given a huge bag of the duck and sweet potato variety and so far I have been pretty impressed! (If you haven't seen our first post where we introduce Pinnacle, please click here)

Pinnacle Duck and Sweet Potato grain free dog food

Duck, Duck meal, garbanzo beans, peas, pea flour, sweet potato, dried tomato pomace

Duck is the first ingredient and also the only animal protein in this food which makes it easier for dogs with allergies. Whenever I am looking for a food for Jada  I start by looking at the animal protein and making sure it is okay for her to eat due to allergies. 

Sweet potato contains antioxidants to support the immune system and there are also quinoa seeds which help the muscles. The addition of peas replaces the grains in many grain-free foods such as this one. Overall I feel good about this ingredient list, love that there is pineapple stem in it as well!

Bailey next to a bowl of Pinnacle Duck and Sweet Potato Grain Free Holistic Dog Food

I slowly transitioned over to Pinnacle and Bailey seems to like it more than other dry foods so it was an easy switch. Since she is spoiled rotten, she prefers to have warm water added to her food bowl. Pinnacle also has wet foods so if your pup prefers moist food you can choose that instead. 

Bailey eating Pinnacle Duck and Sweet Potato Holistic Grain Free Dog Food

Yum yum! Fueling up with holistic dog food is the best!

Bailey next to her bowl of Pinnacle dog food
"Ok mama, I'm done, can we go on an adventure now?"
So after getting our nom on, we decided to go to a new adventure spot: Mountain Campus at Berry College. We originally went to just see the Old Mill but decided to go on a little hike to Berry's water reservoir.

Bailey on top of a rock
"I think I see a deer, mama!"
Johnny, Bailey, and Jada in front of the Old Mill at Berry College
Checking out the Old Mill

It was a beautiful hike that was a little over a mile but was very steep at times. Bailey did very well and she had great stamina. She even wanted to go and check out the water!

Johnny, Jada, and Bailey hiking at Berry College

Bailey looking over into the reservoir

Bailey is happy
"I did it, mama! That was fun!"
In a Nutshell...

When it comes to Bailey, I can see better stamina, nice soft coat, and less tear staining with Pinnacle's Duck and Sweet Potato dog food. I love the ingredients and that Pinnacle's food is made right here in the U.S.A. in their California plant. I am so happy that Pinnacle changed their dog food to be grain-free because allergy issues seem to be more relevant and now those dogs who can't have grains have a healthy limited ingredient option!

You can find a retailer for Pinnacle here and also find an online store here.

Jada being happy

Have you tried Pinnacle yet?
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Learn more about Pinnacle here!

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